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Dental X-rays

Uni-Rentgen will be CLOSED on May 30th, 2024.

Please make an appointment by calling at 81 524 53 01 (Głęboka Street) or 81 741 77 78 (Solarza Street).


The following dental X-rays are taken in the Clinic:

  • Panoramic radiographs (orthopantomographs, OPGs);
  • Periapical radiographs;
  • Occlusal radiographs;
  • Bite-wing radiographs;
  • Cephalometric radiographs, including lateral, PA and SMV;
  • Tempormandibular joint radiographs.

Periapical radiographs belong to the most frequently taken X-rays in humans and their role in dental practice is crucial. The radiographs are obtained using digital radiography technique which offers high quality and lower exposure dose. No prescription is required for dental intraoral X-rays, but it is helpful in determination of the main aim of the study and diagnosis.

Panoramic radiographs (orthopantomographs, OPGs) are survey radiographs that allow one-time evaluation of the whole dentition, which is useful especially during treatment planning e.g. orthodontic or prosthetic. They also demonstrate maxillary and mandibular bones.

Lateral cephalometric radiographs are the main means of diagnostic before and during orthodontic treatment as well as in follow-up. PA and SMV cephalometric radiographs are supplemental in precise orthodontic diagnostics. Automatic cephalometric tracing can be performed as well (additionally charged).

Radiographs of temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are taken in a panoramic X-ray machine in occlusion as well as in full mouth opening. This way one radiograph demonstrates in total 4 images of 2 joints. It is also possible to take the radiographs in therapeutic position with a special occlusal index prepared by a referring dentist.

The Clinic located at Głęboka Street 10 is equipped with:

  • Digital panoramic machine CS9000 3D with a cephalometric unit;
  • 2 intraoral X-ray machines Planmeca Intra;
  • Digital radiography system RVG;
  • Laser printer for digital print-outs.

The branch at Solarza Street 1 is equipped with:

  • Digital panoramic machine CS9300 with a cephalometric unit;
  • Intraoral X-ray machine Planmeca ProMax;
  • Digital radiography system RVG;
  • Laser printer for digital print-outs.

All equipment is certified according to the Polish laws and regulations, which was validated by the Voyvodship State Sanitary Inspection in Lublin. In Uni-Rentgen internal Quality Maintenance System is running.

The patients are examined in standing-up position, in case of the disabled radiographs can be taken in patients sitting in a wheelchair without necessity of transferring to another seat. Patients with reduced capability of walking up the stairs would please call the Reception Desk at Głęboka Street 10 on arrival near the building in order to use the elevator. The facilities at Solarza Street 1 are equipped with a wheelchair ramp with railings.

According to the legal regulations a written prescription from a dentist or medical doctor is required for all radiographs taken in Poland, apart from ”small” dental X-rays.

Dental radiographs other than intraoral are reported by a specialist in radiology or by a dentist who had been suitably trained in dentomaxillofacial radiology. However, legal regulations do not state what “suitable training” means regarding a dentist.

X-ray prescription
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